Sunday, January 1, 2012

Being the better person

You know the saying "cheaters never win"? It's not entirely true. Sure, in the long run, it doesn't actually count as winning, but if there's no one there to call a cheater out on it, then they will win. You just have to know when to give it up to keep the peace. As a Christian, I have to be the one willing to change, the one willing to back down, even when I know that I'm right. Why? Because I'm supposed to show love to everyone, no matter what circumstances I'm under; no matter what kind of problem I'm up against. I've even found myself in situations where the person on the other side of the argument is also a Christian, but even then, I should be the one willing to back down first. It's not about trying to guilt the other person; that mentality won't help and won't last. It's not about trying to look like the better person; odds are, no one's going to notice. Rather, it's about showing the same love and Jesus showed for me when he faced the ultimate injustice of being condemned to die a horrible death, when he had literally lived a perfect life.
I know this isn't easy. I don't always succeed at this. It's impossible to maintain this kind of love and compassion on human strength and willpower alone. To do it, one has to be willing to humble themself and and ask God to give them the strength, because they know that it can't be done on their own. I can tell you right now that if you are sincere in asking for this, God will grant it to you, not only because he enjoys blessing us, but He wants us to use those blessings to help others as well.

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