Saturday, April 7, 2012

God > Everything

Just a minute ago, I was trying to tell God how much I love him, and that's not an easy thing to do. I tend to use examples or metaphors when I do something like that, so I kept trying to come up with the perfect example of what God is like.
I tried to compare his jealousy to that of a lion, but even lions run out of strength and give up sometimes.
I tried to compare his endurance to an evergreen tree, which never loses its leaves, but even evergreens eventually die.
I tried to compare his love to that of a smitten teenager, but His love is far more powerful, far deeper, and far more meaningful than that will ever be; He was the one who created love, and we do the best we can to show it as well.

In the end, I couldn't think of anything to compare God to; he is far above everything else; nothing could even come close to how awesome, how beautiful, how holy, how perfect God is.

There are truly no words to describe how I love God; it's much different then love I show to anyone else; it's more than just love; it's awe, worship, gratitude, and love all rolled up in one.
I don't understand how I could ever feel the way I do about God; it's almost like it's not natural, not from me, like it's something that He gave to me just so I could share it with Him.